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Expired Vacancy
Chief Compliance Officer at TrueRisk Labs

, , Machine Learning, Product Management,
   Location: USA, New York
   Salary: $50K – $75K 0.0% – 1.0%
Experience: Medium
Deadline: 17 July 2018
  Organisation: TrueRisk Labs

Please note that this vacancy has expired and you can no longer apply.

Job Description

Developing and maintaining the firm’s compliance program, including its compliance manual training and other compliance policies and procedures.

Provide support and practical advice to our business development, engineering, implementation, investments and operations teams.

Partner and collaborate with our team members to ensure compliance requirements are integrated with business initiatives and analyze and adapt to developments in the fintech space.

Manage the firm’s registrations with applicable regulators, including the SEC.

Managing periodic compliance reviews and maintenance of documentation to support the completion of the review and corrective measures taken.

Artificial Intelligence. Specialist. Jobs.