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Expired Vacancy
Software Engineer

, , Information Technology, Software Engineering,
   Location: United Kingdom, London
   Salary: $30K – $60K Equity 1.0% – 5.0%
Experience: 2-3 years
Deadline: 30 April 2018
  Organisation: KludeOn

Please note that this vacancy has expired and you can no longer apply.

Job Description

Software Engineer, specialising in search engines and information retrieval systems.

Lead the architecture and implementation of our virtual assistant product, ML and NLP, research infrastructure, and DevOps

Define, participate, and lead in creating an environment with research and agile development at it’s core

Build a team of world-class engineers around you

Develop KludeOn’s core infrastructure of an intent engine

Experience with semantic web, linked data, SPARQL, etc.

Strong programming skills (Python)

Strong statistical background

Artificial Intelligence. Specialist. Jobs.