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Expired Vacancy
Research Scientist – Motion Prediction

, , , Computer Vision, Research, Software Engineering,
   Location: Scotland, Edinburgh
   Salary: On Application
Experience: High
Deadline: 01 May 2018

Please note that this vacancy has expired and you can no longer apply.

About the role

  • Research and then develop state-of-the-art large scale predictive models of dynamic road scene environments to produce rich predictions, dynamic cost maps and motion plans
  • Explore and develop richly-structured end-to-end deep neural networks to provide intermediation between perception inputs and useful outputs, such as dynamic costmaps
  • Apply novel prediction techniques such as inverse reinforcement learning (inverse optimal control) to generate those cost maps; find novel ways of using vast quantities of un-annotated video footage to learn those cost functions
  • Develop and improve ways of establishing beliefs in the goals and behaviours of actors in road scenes and develop and curate learnt behavioural model libraries
  • Research and identify suitable methods of building memory into these models, for example using LSTMs and RNNs
  • Research novel means of natively modelling interactive and dynamic motions using those beliefs, dynamic costmaps and kinematic models of each actor, such as dynamic programming-based solvers
  • Explore and implement game theoretic approaches alongside reinforcement learning to predict interactive actor behaviour in road scenes and their likelihoods
  • Find ways of using deep perception outputs to improve those predictions (gestures, pose, gaze, wheel movements etc) and identify means of feeding those requirements back to the perception layers of the run-time vehicle stack
  • Select and develop path planning methodologies, likely based on variants of D*, A*, RRT* algorithms, which, together with kino-dynamic vehicle models, deliver feasible and preferred paths
  • Generate novel research techniques for solving multiple challenges in the field of computer vision as applied to autonomous vehicles and work to get outputs published in the world’s top scientific journals and conferences


  • PhD graduate in the field of machine learning and/or artificial intelligence under supervision of some of the world’s leading robotics and/or machine learning research leaders
  • Masters-level graduate in a relevant field (computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics, engineering) from a recognised leading school or university in the field
  • At least one year of post-doctoral research and/or industry experience
  • Track record of work being published in top scientific journals and/or being accepted at leading international conferences (eg IROS, AAAI, IJRR, NIPS, ICRA, MLJ, JMLR, HSR, EUMAS etc)
  • Strong background in machine learning as applied to prediction, action, behaviour, autonomous and lifelong agent learning, Bayesian methods in decision making etc
  • Strong analytical background and deep understanding of large-scale optimization, numerical linear algebra, probabilistic inference
  • Strong programming skills (eg Python, C/C++, Scala, Matlab, Java) as well as LINUX, HTML and GPU programming including CUDA
  • Excellent communication skills (fluency in English essential)
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced start-up environment


  • Join a well funded European tech business with epic ambition
  • See your work on the streets of London in 2019
  • Enjoy working in a smart, low-ego multi-cultural team from a variety of industries
  • Grow with us as we scale up whilst delivering meaningful work that really matters
  • Benefit from a competitive salary package, BUPA medical care and stock options
  • Freedom from the cycle of continual deadline crunching

Artificial Intelligence. Specialist. Jobs.