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Expired Vacancy
Senior Backend Engineer

, , Data Science, Software Engineering,
   Location: United Kingdom, London
   Salary: £75K – £90K 0.1% – 0.1%
Experience: High
Deadline: 01 May 2018
  Organisation: CognitionX

Please note that this vacancy has expired and you can no longer apply.

This is the ultimate opportunity for curious, data obsessed people with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to get into the world of UK startups, Data Science, and Online Tech. You’ll become an integral part of team from the outset, awarded equity, and the chance to grow, with your responsibilities expanding each day, just like the company itself.

 CognitionX ( is building a community and platform to bring clarity to the world of AI. Last year, our “festival of all things AI” in London ( attracted more than 1,300 delegates, and it’s going to be even bigger this year!

Our web-based knowledge platform provides a wealth of data on thousands of AI-related companies, products, events, and people. It connects our clients with a comprehensive AI knowledge base, with our expert network of AI leaders, and provides a rich set of tools for making sense of the AI landscape.

We are looking for senior backend engineers with strong experience building modern web apps using Python and Django.

We use GitHub, code reviews, Heroku, and Amazon RDS so that we can rapidly iterate and stay focused on what matters. We’ve worked hard to keep our processes and management structure as lightweight as possible.

You should have:
Strong knowledge of Python and its ecosystem
Track record of delivering Django web apps
Experience designing and building RESTful APIs
A good knowledge of git (or mercurial)
It would be really great if you also had:
Frontend development skills, including JS and React
Operations/DevOps experience
Understanding of AI/ML techniques

And if you’ve published or contributed to any open-source software, then tell us about it!

Artificial Intelligence. Specialist. Jobs.